Alternative Wildlife Services has been serving the Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island areas since 2004, when owner-operator Jeff Krieger realized the need for a humane alternative to pest removal and pest control problems.

All repairs come with a 1-year guarantee

Jeff with a rescued baby owl

As a volunteer with the BCSPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (WildARC), Jeff cared for many birds and animals that had been injured or orphaned as a result of inhumane pest removal services. This included baby raccoons orphaned when their mothers were trapped and removed, otter families ousted without care for their natural habits, baby birds left to fend for themselves after their nests were removed prematurely, and many more unfortunate situations. Today, Jeff uses the extensive knowledge he has gained from a lifelong passion for wildlife rescue to provide solutions to homeowners that mitigate the impacts on their wild neighbors. 

Alternative Wildlife Solutions is also committed to ensuring the work provided lasts and the root of the conflict is solved; while most pest control companies are happy to remove wildlife from the home, that is usually where their help ends. Alternative Wildlife Solutions will work closely with the homeowner to ensure that the original access points are closed off or repaired, and this work comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Estimates are free, and include a full home inspection: attic, crawlspace, surrounding property, and more.

Raccoon guano in a crawl space under a plywood floor

Raccoon guano from an intruder underneath the floorboards of a home

Steam cleaning a Mausoleum after bat exclusion

Cleaning and sterilizing a Mausoleum after a successful bat exclusion

Jeff holding raccoon kits removed from under a deck

Infant raccoons retrieved from exterior wall, to be reunited with their mother